Bay County Map Project

 Come check out our new map that uses Google Earth technology and features photographs from our collection!   Feel free to use a smartphone, laptop, or PC to access it.  If using a smartphone, for best results we recommend that you download the free Google Earth app on your phone, available in your phone’s app store.  Once you click the link you can press “Present” and the tour will start.  You will need to manually click through on the device you use with the arrows provided on the lower portion of the screen.  With each slide you get a photograph from our collection juxtaposed with a modern view of its location. 

 There will also be an info box with additional information from our location newspapers. If using a laptop or computer, the info box will be located to the right hand side of your screen.  For smartphones, you will see the photograph at the bottom of the page; use your finger to slide the photograph upward and the info box will appear. This project will be regularly updating with additional locations—please stay tuned! Click Here