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 The Historical Museum is the repository for over 500,00 artifacts specifically related to the history of Bay County; some as small as a scrap of paper or a coin, to large items such as implements, furniture and appliances. Note: At the present time we are not accepting new donations, but we will update our website when this changes in the future. 





Special Collections  

 The museum also serves as the repository for special collections that are separate from our general collection:

 It is the national holding for the Patrol Craft Sailors Association (PCSA), an international, naval veterans organization dedicated to preserving the history of World War II and Korea-era Patrol Craft and their crews, and of the Cyclone-class Patrol Coastals of today's Navy. Our motto, "Too Good to be Forgotten" speaks for itself. The PCSA was founded in 1986 and incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1987 as a nonprofit, veterans organization.

  Bay City, Michigan was chosen as the site for the PCSA Collection and Archives, as it is considered to be the "Birthplace of the PC."  Defoe Shipbuilding Company of Bay City built the first two prototype, pre-WW II, 173-foot Patrol Craft there in 1939-1940, as well as constructing another 56 PCs during WW II, more than any of the other fifteen shipbuilders in the PC program. (The photo at left shows USS PC 1130 under construction at Defoe Shipbuilding Company)


 For questions or research requests specific to these collections please address requests to:

"Special Collections Manager"
Bay County Historical Society
321 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
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