Second Saturday & Other Video Programs
Second Saturday 2016:

1-9-16:         Le Griffon with Ric Mixter
2-13-16:       Bay City Fireworks Festival with Brian Dufresne, Douglas Clark & Terry Watson
3-12-16:      Bay City St. Patrick's Day Parade with Jan Rau
4-9-16:        St. Alban's Episcopal Church with Elaine Kirkpatrick 

5-14-16:       Putz Hardware with Lois Niemann
6-11-16:       Hell's Half Mile Film Festival with Alan La Fave
7-9-16:             Sorry we were unable to record this presentation
 8-13-16:       Restoring Access to the Saginaw Bay with Laura Ogar
9-10-16:       Wicked Bay City with Tim Younkman 
10-10-16:      History of Dams on the Au Sable River with Jay Jacobs 
11-12-16:      The 50th Anniversary of the Bay Chorale with Chorale Members
There was no December presentation 

Special Presentations:

9-15-16:    30th Anniversary of the Great Flood of 1986

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