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The State Theater Presents:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
and Indiana Jones & the Chest of Eternal Destiny

Sunday, February 26, 2017
Tickets:  $5.00/person

Proceeds will benefit the Bay County Historical Society 
You may contact the State Theatre at (989)892-2660 for tickets and information, or visit the State Theater website


March 10, 2017
City Hall Tour
Cost:  $1/person
 The Historical Museum is now offering guided tours of Bay City’s City Hall on the second Friday of each month. Tours begin from the lobby of the Historical Museum. Space is limited to the first 20 individuals

March 11, 2017 
Second Saturday
"Public Art's Effect on Community "
 with Tara Welch
Free Admission
  Studio 23 / The Arts Center originated as a grassroots arts organization created by volunteers who were dedicated to bringing the arts to the Great Lakes Bay Area. Join Executive Director Tara Welch as she shares the Studio’s story from its beginning in 1959, to the present day’s goals, exhibits and programming in our community.
NOTE: This program will be held at BAY CITY CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL, 1624 Columbus Avenue, in conjunction with Michigan History Day Finals.  The Museum will be closed on this date.

April 8, 2017 
Second Saturday
"The Delta College Planetarium: Bay Region's Window to the Universe"
 with Michael Murray
Free Admission
Held at: Delta College Planetarium, 100 Center Avenue, Bay City 

  Downtown Bay City is home to a world class Dome360 theater and Learning Center.  Learn the story behind the planetarium’s unique architecture, and the historic site that it rests on.  In recent years, the digital dome theater is going through a renaissance that makes use of updated technology to tell new stories.  These journeys go beyond astronomy – they touch on exploration and discovery of our natural world as well.  Science, culture and music all have a place in the new programming being designed at the planetarium.  The theater showcases special programs produced in-house to provide a local perspective on hot topics and current events.  Mike Murray, Astronomer & Planetarium Manager, will have a unique visual presentation in store!


NOTE: The Historical Museum will be closed on this date.. join us at Second Saturday!